1. Holiday Lights

From the recording Holiday Lights

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Holiday Lights
Words and Music by Steve Bennett
© 2017 One Eyed Music

Produced & Arranged: Steve Bennett
Associate Producer: Jesse DeCarlo
Recorded: Jesse DeCarlo, Richard Bryant
Mixed: Jesse DeCarlo
Mastered: Pete Lyman; Infrasonic Nashville

Lead Vocal: April Bennett
Harmony Vocal/Acoustic Guitar: Steve Bennett
Piano: Max Bennett-Parker
Electric Guitars/Percussion: Jesse DeCarlo
Bass: Nat Shuirman
Drums: Skylar Campbell


Just want to send out a Merry Christmas
To you and all the ones you love
Here in the glow of the Holiday Lights
With the moon and the stars above
I’m singing out my hopes and wishes
For you all In the coming year
Peace, good health, and happiness
To everyone that you hold dear


Santa Claus is here in town
With his Elves and his Mrs. too
To bring good cheer and candy canes
And make the little one’s dreams come true


So let’s all sing this happy song
Let our voices ring on high
And send our prayers for Peace On Earth
A-Way up in the sky