Our Story

Wild & Blue is the soulful Americana-Country duo of April and Steve Bennett, whose family roots run deep. Featuring powerful, bluesy vocals, heartfelt original lyrics and an eclectic vintage sound, Wild & Blue is only interested in one thing: singing the truth.

Steve and April — who dubbed themselves Wild & Blue in honor of the classic John Scott Sherrill song of the same name — have been performing together for decades. Back when April was still small enough to fit in Steve’s guitar case, the duo could be found busking along the streets of their coastal home of Santa Cruz, CA. These humble beginnings have grown into a full-fledged artistic collaboration spanning the years and miles.

Rooted in vintage soul and R&B as much as country, Wild & Blue’s songwriting takes inspiration from a wide range of artists that have come before. “We're both musical history buffs, and have a great sense of urgency about the music that we're making together… I personally can’t sing anything that I don’t feel” says April.

And people are ready to hear it. Bill Bentley, of Americana Highways, called Wild & Blue’s charting debut album, Restless (2021) “as strong as anything released out of Nashville the past few years…the kind of album that could come out of left field and take it all the way home.

In 2021 they opened for country-pop singer Linday Ell and Ed Jurdi & Gordy Quist of The Band of Heathens, and their music video for “Wedding Dress for Sale” was featured on CMT, DittyTV, and The Country Network.

I Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way”, their first single off their sophomore release, debuts in February 2023. From there? As Bill Bentley said, “between Steve Bennett’s original songs and April Bennett’s heartfelt vocals, well, the big blue sky should be the limit.