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It’s been awhile since a major father-daughter country music duo grabbed the spotlight, but hopefully good fortune will fall on Steve Bennett and April Bennett shortly. Without a doubt, they have the voices, the songs and the style to take those talents to the limit. Their debut album is as strong as anything released out of Nashville the past few years, and between Steve Bennett’s original songs and April Bennett’s heartfelt vocals, well, the big blue sky should be the limit. Factor in their perfect choice of cover songs–John Fogerty’s “Long as I Can See the Light” and Kris Kristofferson’s “Please Don’t Tell Me How the Story Ends,” and this is the kind of album that could come out of left field and take it all the way home.”

Bill Bentley, Americana Highways

Several of the father’s songs feel like they were written in the classic era of 1950s country music, when it was still new enough so nothing sounded repetitious yet. Two in particular, “Wedding Dress for Sale” and “Being There,” deserve to be hit-bound now. The daughter sings with such pure power that she deserves to sneak in the sidedoor of the country hit parade and steal some thunder. There are lonesome tears in her voice like only come around every decade or two, and she deserves to be heard.”

Bill Bentley, Americana Highways

Some things get passé, some things don't. A family harmony duo that's making their recording debut after singing together since the young ‘un knew she could sing, we're on the money throughout here. Country all the way, they write good ones and have a sense for choosing good ones. A far cry from over-done bro country, this is the down home stuff that brought us into the tent in the first place and it's as relevant now as it was then. Hot.”

Chris Spector, Midwest Record

This is a healing sound which shows no matter how far apart people are, there is always the chance for music to heal those wounds and come back together again. And the Bennetts just might be the new artists to show how it’s done. Hope sings eternal.”

Bill Bentley, Americana Highways

Wild & Blue, a California father-and-daughter act, have been performing for decades but have only recently gotten around to crafting this debut album, which is rooted in mainstream country and pop but evidences a touch of the blues. April Bennett contributes arresting lead vocals... [she] says, 'I personally can’t sing anything that I don’t feel,' and her emotional investment comes across..."”

Jeff Burger, Americana Highways

"I had the benefit of growing up with a musicologist for a dad,” April said. “We have a really deep shared language when it comes to music.” Lyrically, the songs reflect various themes and emotions. Some are very personal. “Wedding Dress for Sale,” for instance, was written by Steve about April wanting to rid herself of a wedding dress after an abrupt end to an engagement. The track “Being There,” April said, is about her close friend and now-husband who helped her through another difficult time in her life. “It’s about recognizing that it’s OK to be vulnerable,” she said.”

"Local father-daughter musical duo releases first album" - Johanna Miller - The Pajaronian - February 16, 2021