From the recording Restless

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"Ain't Got Much Time"
RESTLESS - Track 1

Vocal: April Bennett
Acoustic Guitar: Steve Bennett
Electric Guitar: Jesse DeCarlo
Pedal Steel: Charlie Joe Wallace
Bass: Nat Shuirman
Drums: Skylar Campbell


Darlin’ we ain’t got much time
To let love slip away would be a crime
I can’t help but love you
Yes it’s love that pushes me on

I don’t want to fill up your life
I just want to spend a few nights
wrapped up in your arms
And then I’ll kiss you goodbye and be gone

I’ve been watching the days go on by
But time can’t destroy what I feel
I just look at you boy, you know I’m high
I see love that you just can’t conceal

So don’t tell me it wouldn’t be right
I just want to love you tonight
It could never be wrong
It s good way to say so long

(Repeat Bridge and last verse)

Darlin’ we ain’t got much time...