From the recording Restless

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"Wedding Dress For Sale"
© Steve Bennett, One-Eyed Music ASCAP
RESTLESS - Track 2

Vocal: April Bennett
Acoustic Guitar: Steve Bennett
Acoustic Slide/Electric Lead Guitar: Jim Lewin
Fiddle: Andy Lentz
Bass: Nat Shuirman
Drums: Skylar Campbell


I've got a wedding dress for sale, I ain't gonna use it
It's just a painful memory, I just want to lose it
And if I sell this dress today
Maybe it all will wash away
I've got a wedding dress for sale
I just want to lose it

Paid the deposit on the hall, guess I'm gonna lose it
It's only money after all, but right now I could use it
But it won't erase the pain
watching love go down the drain
It's only money after all
I guess I'm gonna lose it

Guess love became indifference
And we headed for a fall
Guess we couldn't go the distance after all

Is that my future that I see or is it an illusion
My heart is cluttered up with junk, now there's only confusion
It looks lonely up ahead, we can't undo the things we said
Somehow we both just killed it dead
It was only an illusion

(Repeat Bridge and verse one)