From the recording Restless

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"Is It Just That You Can't Find Me"
© Steve Bennett, One-Eyed Music ASCAP
RESTLESS - Track 3

Vocal/Acoustic Guitar: Steve Bennett
Harmony Vocal: April Bennett
Lead Acoustic Guitar: Sullivan Tuttle
Mandolin: AJ Lee
Fiddle: Andy Lentz
Pedal Steel Guitar: Charlie Joe Wallace
Bass: Nat Shuirman
Drums: Skylar Campbell


I can still see your face but it’s been too long
Since I really saw you
But there’s not a trace of feeling left
My heart has left me too
But still sometimes your memory overpowers me
And I wonder what the chances left will be


Are you looking for me now
Are you rolling down the road
Has your heart begun to love
Or have you turned your back on me
Am I just lost in memory
Or is it just that you can’t find me
Are you lost out on the road
Are you driving north on One
Is the evening sunshine in your eyes
Where are you longing to be
Who are you longing to see
Is it just that you can’t find me, yeah

I can’t sleep ‘cause all my dreams seem to be growing
Crazier every night
Memories they creep into my every day
I don’t seem to get much done
But the eternal flame of love just keeps me hoping
That tomorrow you’ll be standing at my door
(Repeat Chorus)
(La La section)
Is it just that you can’t find me (3 times)