From the recording Restless

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"Thanks for Loving Me"
© Steve Bennett; One-Eyed Music, ASCAP
RESTLESS - Track 6

Vocal: April Bennett
Vocal/Acoustic Guitar: Steve Bennett
Fiddle: Andy Lentz
Pedal Steel: Charlie Joe Wallace
Bass: Nat Shuirman
Drums: Skylar Campbell


Thanks for loving me
Although I can't be free
Deep in my heart
I can feel you when you think of me

If I was where I want to be
Your loving arms would be holding me
But it's not possible it seems
So I will see you in my dreams
Thanks for loving me

Missing you intensely
Sometimes I can hardly breathe
A sweet hell washing over me
Until I hold you again

A brief moment together
Might have to last us forever
But it will have to do I guess
One sweet moment of happiness
Thanks for loving me